05.02.2006 - For those of you that do not know, Gavin and Zoe have there own websites. They are actually just picture albums for the two munchkins, but it is better than nothing:)

02.15.2006 - Yes, I know I have been a slacker. I am trying to keep up 4 other web pages, ride my bike, and get ready for Gavin. Here is teaser pic of my new team rig.

2006 Specialized S-Works Full Carbon Tarmac. Full Shimano Dura-Ace Groupset. Specialized Toupe Saddle. Specialized Cockpit including carbon bar, carbon stem, carbon seatpost. Shimano Dura-Ace Pedals. Bontrager Carbon Aero Tubular wheels with Continental Competition Tubular tires. The bike weighs in at 16 pounds with pedals, computer, and bottle cages installed. So basically it is a 15lbs bike.

2005 54 cm S-Works E5 Tarmac framset for sale if anyone is interested.

Last note, here is a pic of me 5 seconds before I crashed in Augusta last year. Thanks Tom for taking the pic:)

02.10.2006 - Gavin Chin Yeh Sun was born today at 7:19 AM(Thank You Jung for giving us permission to use Toffee’s Chinese name). He weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. Both baby and mommy are doing fine and should be released by Tuesday. Click Here to see a few pictures of him on his webpage

Also, the little princess also has her own website. She can be seen at

08.04.2005 - Toffee Lee lost his battle with cancer today and passed away shortly after 1:00 p.m. est. He was 31 years old and was survived by his wife, mother, father, and sister. He will be dearly missed by all of his friends and family. I know he is in a better place now and know that the suffering has finally ended for him.

May He Rest In Peace.


07.21.2005 - "Play with your kids, Love your wife, ride your bike, help your friends…everything else isnt really that important….when your lying on your death bed, breathing your last breath, you’ll be remembering only those four things...." Scott Hodge

07.20.2005 - This week has seemed to be a very hectic week for me. The only good that has happened was I got to spend some time with Scott Hodge. The Time Trial bike is put togeter. We are working on the correct seating position for me. All of that is petty compared to what I am about to say, I was infromed earlier this week that Toffee has about 2 weeks left with us. He was diagnode with Pancreatic Cancer back in Feb. He has been fighting the hard road with chemo and all the other medical treatments they have for cancer. Nothing worked and the tumor kept getting bigger. Finally on Friday the Dr's said it is coming to an end. He cannot digest food properly anymore and cannot regulate his body temperature.If you have a minute, please send a card to him and his wife.

Toffee and Jung Lee

5640 Arrowind Road NW

Lilburn, GA 30027

My team is racing in a Team Time Trial on Saturday in dedication to Toffee. Wish us luck!


06.21.2005-Yes, I know it has been a few months since I have put pictures up on the site. It has been a really busy last few months for me. Racing my bike is taking a lot more time out of my schedule than I thought it would. Anyway, you now get over 100 pictures of the little princess. I hope you enjoy them!

04.13.2005-I have a great friend named Scott Hodge. Hodge is by far one of the most talented cyclist I have ever met. He is one of the main reasons why I have been getting off my butt day after day to go ride my bike. If you are ever in or near Braselton, stop by his shop Addictive Cycles. If you live to far away, you should at least check out his weekly rants.Quote of the day taken from his site is below.

"Im gonna offer some advice with a few facts thrown in for good measure. You will die. You cant take anything with you when you do. Except for your memories, those you get to keep for eternity, so make sure you have lots, and make them good ones. If all your going to remember is working, stress, bad relationships, working and stress, then it’s time for a change. Life is not about how much money you make, it’s about spending time with the people you love, doing the things you love. Memories are a by-product of this which is really cool. It’s about quality of life and happiness, nothing else."


03.15.2005-Some pictures from the race in Brooks, GA this past weekend sent to me by various people on the team. Click here to view them.
03.12.2005-Updated to wordpress for my journal entries. Click Here to read my journal of my training and my 2nd place finish at the Georgia Cup Series 1 road race in Brooks, GA..
02.25.2005-Quote of the day "In life there are many fun things, talking with friends who you care about, spending time with your kids, drinking a brew with your close buds, I don'tthink speeding through these experiences would be much fun. Neither is speeding through the ride, go fast, just not too fast to enjoy it." by Scott Hodge
02.16.2005-Acey William Zimpel was born on 02/15/2005.Click Here for a few pictures of him.
02.12.2005- A few quick videos of zoe walking. I also added a journal section to help me keep up with my training during the race season this year.
01.05.2005-Yes, I have been too lazy to post pictures of Zoe. So, now you get 70 pictures of the little princess for being patient. Ok, well only a few people were patient. After editing and creating the photo album, I found a few cards with more pictures. I guess I will be busy this month posting pictures. Well, here are the latest pictures of her from about Thanksgiving to Christmas. Click Here
10.20.2004 -Tons of Pictures including Halloween Costume Pics. 6 months ols....WOW! Click Here
09.12.04 Tons of NEW pictures of Zoe. Click Here.
08.08.04 Misc Pictures of Zoe. Mostly new but some old. Click Here.
07.18.04 A Few pictures from Zoe's 100 Day Birthday Party. Click Here.
06.16.04 Wow, Zoe at 2 months. I can't believe it has been two months already! Clicky Clicky
05.14.04 Zoe is one month old! NEW PICTURES NEW PICTURES!!!!
04.30.04 Some pictures of Zoe at 2 weeks. Please click here to see her latest pictures.
04.22.04 More pictures of our little Angel Zoe. Please click here to see her latest pictures.
04.15.04 Zoe Sun was born on 04.14.2004. Please click here to see her pictures.
02.01.2004 Yup, I added some pitctures of the Nursery. I plan on getting this site up and running soon, I swear. A lot has happened in the last 11 months. Leigh and I are expecting little Zoe Sun in April. I should have pics of the wedding and reception up soon.
03.30.2003 Yes, I haven't done a single thing. I will start working on it later this month. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on the new site. Thanks!
02.28.2003 Hello Everyone! I had to switch webhosting companies and decided it was time to redo the whole site. It will probably be a few weeks before everything is back up and operational. Just to warn you up front, there will no longer be any MP3's or Media files on this site. So, if that was the reason you came, go away! Please email me if you have any questions. Thanks!
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