06.21.2005-Over 100 pictures of the little princess. Can you believe she is over a year old now!
03.15.2005-A few pictures of the race in Brooks, GA
02.16.2005-Acey William Zimpel was born on 02/15/2005.
01.05.2005-Too many pictures to count. Sorry I have been so lazy the last few months.
10.20.2004 -Tons of Pictures including Halloween Costume Pics. 6 months ols....WOW!
09.12.2004 -Lots of pictures of Zoe from the last month. She is 5 months old now!
08.08.2004 -Misc Pictures of Zoe from Regular camera. Quality of pictures are not good.
07.18.2004 -Zoe's 100 Day Birthday Party.
06.16.2004 -Can you believe Zoe is 2 months old?
05.14.2004 -Zoe is One Month old!!!!.

04.30.2004 -A Few pictures of Zoe at 2 weeks.

04.22.2004 -Zoe is one week old!
04.14.2004 -Zoe's Birthday is finally here..
02.01.2004 - New Pictures of Zoe's Nursery Room. Not too many pictures but you will get the idea of it.
01.12.2004 - Pictures of the new SAAB 9-2 built by Subaru.
09.13.2003 - Pictures from the 60 mile 3 GAP ride in the North Georgia Mountains.
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